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Friday, November 25, 2016

Music Tuition for Children: Is it worth it? | Digital Journal - Press Release

"Amanda Michell investigates a pioneering new technique." summarizes Digital Journal - Press Release. 

Parents spend a lot of time and money investing in activities that will broaden their child's horizons, giving them opportunities of new experiences that will enhance their education. Music lessons have long been a popular choice, but is it worthwhile?

You may be surprised to learn that music lessons help to enhance academic ability in other subjects, as well as promote good coordination and even encourage self discipline. Music is like learning another language, and learning this language helps to stimulate the brain.

Learning an instrument requires lots of practice and motivation which can only be fed by enthusiasm and enjoyment from the pupil. A lack of enthusiasm and enjoyment is the single biggest reason for a child abandoning their music lessons, not a lack of ability. So if this is the big problem, what’s the solution?

The only way to encourage children to continue music lessons is to create enthusiasm: something that traditional tuition methods no longer do. However, there are now innovative approaches to music education that aim to tackle this problem. One such method is pioneered by the Arts Academy.

Source: Digital Journal - Press Release.