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Thursday, November 17, 2016

What Some Insightful Americans Hope Our Nation’s Next Generation Will Learn In School | The FADER

"Texans gathered in downtown Austin to call for the adoption of a history textbook that accurately reflects Mexican-American history and culture." according to Stevie Love.

Photo: Val Benavidez, Outreach and Field Director for the Texas Freedom Network  

America will forever be indebted to the presence and contributions of Mexican-Americans. But you wouldn’t know it from the textbooks and curriculums used to teach students across the country. In Texas, where Mexican-Americans represent half of public school students, recent demands from teachers, students, and activists prompted the Texas State Board of Education to request textbooks exploring Mexican-American studies. But the sole book that was proposed, called Mexican American Heritage, featured inaccuracies and racial stereotypes. Texans have rightly protested its adoption in schools; on Tuesday, November 15, students, activists, and politicians gathered at the Texas Capitol in Downtown Austin to call for an updated history textbook that accurately reflects Mexican-American history and culture. We spoke to protesters at the event and asked them about their feelings on the issue and why it’s imperative for students to have access to such a curriculum. 
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Source: The FADER