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Sunday, November 06, 2016

OP: Online learning: the benefits outweigh the drawbacks | Western Herald

"Technological advancements have allowed us to accomplish what seemed like impossible tasks a few decades back. Technology has become a part of our everyday life, assisting in every way imaginable." notes Abimbola Jubril. 

Photo: Emily Johnson

We can easily communicate with loved ones, purchase items online and even get a degree, all without being physically present because technology gives us the ability to do so.

Online education has certainly been growing in popularity over the past couple years. Though there are still some negative perceptions about online learning, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.


One of the number one reasons why people choose online learning is because of flexibility. Being able to go to school any time anywhere may seem like a dream come true to a college student with an already hectic schedule. Trying to juggle school, work, friends, family extracurricular activities and other commitments can be extremely stressful. Online courses give students the ability to study at a time that is more convenient for them, which makes it easier to accommodate other responsibilities.

Online courses also improve your writing and communication skills. In most, if not all online classes, there will be discussion boards once in awhile, if not on a weekly basis. The discussion boards allow students to express thoughts non-verbally. Having more time to reflect on your thoughts will always lead to better answers and even better discussions with others.

On the first day of the semester, teachers typically ask students to introduce themselves. If you are a more introverted person, like me and seem to get tongue-tied no matter how many times you speak in front of others, I would recommend you try an online course if you haven’t already. People are more likely to disclose more about themselves in online interactions than they are in face-to-face interactions. This happens because we have more time to think about what we want to say and how it comes off to others, which makes us feel more comfortable sharing our thoughts.

Source: Western Herald