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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Mumbai schools scanning fingerprints to assess aptitude of students | Hindustan Times

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"From analysing the ridges and undulations on children’s fingerprints to activating their ‘mid-brain’, some schools in Mumbai are opting for unconventional tests to assess children’s aptitude and skills." according to Puja Pednekar, Hindustan Times, Mumbai. 

Based on the fingerprint pattern, a computer-generated assessment of the child’s learning styles and intelligence potential is mapped.
Photo: (Rep pic/AFP)

While, schools are asking parents to choose whether to allow children to take these tests, educationists and mental health professionals have questioned the veracity of these methods.

Rizvi Springfield School, (SSC and CBSE )Bandra has recently introduced Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligences Testing (DMIT)-a computer-generated assessment of the child’s learning styles and intelligence potential, based on their fingerprint pattern. This is coupled with homeopathy consultation and career counselling.

Explaining how it works, Dr Trupti Barchha, consulting homeopath and DMIT consultant and analyst, who has partnered with the school for the project, said, “There are codes on each line on our fingers. When we feed the codes into the software we generate a report on the inborn intelligence, learning styles , creativity and emotional quotient of the student.”

The school said that they will offer the facility to interested students. “The tests will help in identifying the personality of the students. You can determine whether they will become an engineer or a doctor,” said Savita Suvarna, principal of the school’s SSC section. Those registering for it will be charged Rs3,750 to Rs4,125, according to the registration form.

Source: Hindustan Times