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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Instructional Design Strategies with the Spotlight on the Learner | CommLab India

"Know all About Designing Learner-centric Online Courses" summarizes CommLab India.
Photo: CommLab India
As you know, e-learning courses are devoid of a physical presence, so a boring e-learning course might take a sledgehammer to the cognitive capacities of the learners.

Here is a kit titled, "Instructional Design Strategies with the Spotlight on the Learner" that helps you understand more about these guidelines and formulate the right instructional design strategy for your e-learning course. It talks about:
  • What is an instructional design strategy?
  • What are the different instructional design strategies and how to zero-in on the right strategy for your e-learning course?
  • What are the essential elements of a good instructional design strategy?
  • How to use the various components of an ID strategy?
More specifically, this kit consists of:
  • An eBook titled "Instructional Design Strategies : Design Learner-centric E-learning Courses"
  • The webinar "5 Instructional Design Strategies for Creating Better E-learning"
  • A Presentation titled "All About Instructional Design Strategies"
Download the kit now!

Source: CommLab India