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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

On Campus or Online: Opportunities for Executive Education in Nevada | Nevada Business Magazine

"Ask the administrator of an executive education program why an individual would spend the money and take the time to earn an advanced degree in business, and the answer comes back threefold." reports Author at Nevada Business Magazine.

Photo: Nevada Business Magazine

“People are coming into the program because they are looking to move up the corporate ladder,” said Nikkole McCartin, director, EMBA program, Lee Business School, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). “Sometimes it’s a choice, sometimes it’s a requirement to get those people up to the next rung. There are people coming into the program because they do want to make a change in their career. They might want to move out of the industry they’re in or they might want to move into a totally new function [in that industry], so they’re coming to gain the skills, the knowledge and the competence to make a move like that.”

The executive master’s of business administration (EMBA) available from UNLV is just one of the executive education choices available to Nevada’s working professionals.

Online, on campus or a hybrid of the two, what these programs share is the students are finished with school and working as leaders in their industries and in their particular business functions, said McCartin. That means, as well as sharing common goals, they can share knowledge from all the different industries they represent.

The UNLV program is all on campus, with students attending every other Friday and Saturday for 18 months.

“We believe strongly in the on-campus learning experience because so much of the learning that occurs is between the students,” said McCartin. “There’s 25 students to a cohort and they’re from all different industries and functions of business, so when you start talking about a particular subject, everybody is bringing their own real world experience into the classroom. They learn as much from each other as they do from the faculty.”

The EMBA is a generalist degree with a focus on leadership, strategy, organizational management and entrepreneurship. Students focus on technical aspects of business and application of what they’re learning.

“What our students are learning on Friday and Saturday, they’re taking back to use on Monday morning,” said McCartin.

“The key skills we’re looking to get out of the business program, the MBA, are critical thinking, problem solving, communications, information utilization and collaboration, and so those are the key areas that we develop our course curriculum around,” said Paul Green, campus vice president, Las Vegas campus, University of Phoenix.

So for those executives who are looking to upgrade their competencies, just what kind of executive education is available in Nevada?

Source: Nevada Business Magazine