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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Adjuncts looking to hone your teaching skills: there’s a new resource for you . . . | Magna Publications - Book

"Whether you’re just entering the world of adjunct teaching or you’ve been at it for a while, you face a bewildering array of responsibilities as you seek to deliver a meaningful learning experience for your students. Course design? A syllabus? A lesson plan? A grading strategy? Content management? Student engagement?" inform Magna Publications.

Essential Teaching Principles:
A Resource Collection for Adjunct Faculty

Even veterans with the benefit of years of teaching experience, not to mention professional-development support, still struggle with such things; the challenges can be significant.
As an adjunct, how can you meet them? How can you not only survive in the classroom but thrive?
A new e-book can help you master the fundamentals of education. Compact, idea-filled, and inexpensive, Essential Teaching Principles: A Resource Collection for Adjunct Faculty provides a road map for adjunct teachers.
This valuable resource is drawn from the pages of The Teaching Professor newsletter and the Faculty Focus blog, long considered among the best publications in higher ed on the subject of effective teaching.
With contributions from experienced, award-winning teachers, Essential Teaching Principles: A Resource Collection for Adjunct Faculty was compiled and edited by Maryellen Weimer, PhD, the newsletter’s longtime editor and a consultant to over 450 colleges and universities.
Using a combination of research-based best practices and classroom-tested insights, it will guide you through the teaching process from the time well before class starts right up to the grading of your final exams. Along the way, you’ll gain critical insights into:
Mastering instruction essentials, including how to create a syllabus, how to focus your course content, how to create good assignments, and how to turn students into engaged learners.
Designing courses, including how to build your own, refresh existing ones, or adapt someone else’s to your teaching style and focus.
Helping students learn, with helpful ideas on closing skills gaps, combating passivity, and determining the best instructional tools.
Creating an optimal learning climate, including how to build rapport, how to manage your classroom, and how to be fully present for your students.
Constructing meaningful assessments from quizzes to final exams, including protecting academic integrity and determining whether and how to offer extra credit.
Giving students constructive feedback, creating a grading system that is both fair and manageable and addressing student objections to grades.
You’ll find an entire chapter on online teaching, as well, which takes you through its unique challenges and provides a foundation of best practices to implement.
Essential Teaching Principles: A Resource Collection for Adjunct Faculty will serve as a quick and ready reference as you encounter the inevitable challenges of the classroom. For an adjunct, there’s no better resource. 
Get your copy today!

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