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Monday, March 06, 2017

Bottega Announces Online Developer Courses with Asynchronous Learning Platform | Utah Business

"Lehi—Bottega, a leader in advanced boot camp curriculum for web developers, has created an online, asynchronous learning platform that provides training options with more flexibility through the educational process." according to Utah Business.

Photo: Utah Business
Bottega is known for providing cutting-edge, synchronous learning with an immersive full-time, on-campus experience. The new online platform expands the Bottega experience to aspiring developers nationwide.

While there are many software boot camps, Bottega, accredited by AdvancedED, is one of just three that offers a full-time, online, immersive model as well as a separate go-at-your-own-pace, part-time online program.

In the U.S., there are currently 550,000 jobs available in the development field. Standard educational practices are not keeping pace to fill those positions.

“Though the shift towards Bootcamps has grown 5X in the last four years, the U.S. is still not meeting demand,” said Eric Wold, Bottega CEO. “The scalable solution to the shortage of developers is e-learning, and we must meet the students where they are and give them the tools to be successful. 
Online learning will allow those who cannot quit their job to attend remotely and go at their own pace. With a growing workforce of remote employees, this follows current trends for today’s employers as well..”

Bottega is no stranger to curriculum development. The leadership of Bottega is well-versed with a strong background in machine learning, instructional design, and assessment development. This background drove the creation of curriculum which combines a focus on fundamental concepts with practical, job-centric learning. “Project based learning is at the core of what is taught at Bottega” said Jordan Hudgens, Head of Bottega Curriculum. “However, learning how to build projects is not enough. Our learning path focuses on teaching students to learn the underlying concepts of development. Instead of locking students into only being able to build a few projects, we focus on teaching students in a way so that they will be able to build any project they are assigned in a real-world environment. We are intentional about this focus; we refuse to be a boot camp that merely pushes people into industry who are unprepared and unable to solve real world problems.”

Bottega’s learning method keeps students fully immersed in project learning with specific outcomes. Working in a collaborative environment strengthens a student’s ability to solve problems and receive input from others...

Classes are underway and the registration is open for both online and in-person students. Applications are available here:

Source: Utah Business (Press Release)