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Monday, March 13, 2017

learnovaVR powering the adoption of Virtual Reality in learning | learnova

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"The Virtual Reality applied to education and training is in a huge process of growth, the need for permanent innovation of the learning processes, in order to meet the expectations of the new generations of digital native students, raises a titanic effort to educational institutions and companies, oriented to the exploration of new technologies and contents, increasingly practical and experiential." inform Pau Gimeno, Co-Founder at learnova.   

Photo: learnova

Today, learnovaVR is born with the aim of facilitating and enhancing the knowledge and adoption of Virtual Reality in the learning processes, at school, university and work, through different solutions and services that allow students to live highly Immersive, learn through Virtual Reality.

We started this first stage of learnovaVR by providing solutions that facilitate the acceleration of the adoption of Virtual Reality in the classroom, simplifying the first approach to technology, associated knowledge and the generation of the first real learning experiences in Virtual Reality environments.

Source: learnova