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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

White Paper: Understand How Learner Experience is the Weakest Link in your eLearning Program | Docebo E-Learning Blog

"When we implement an LMS, we check many boxes. However, sometimes we miss the most critical. Learner experience is the weakest link in your LMS chain in terms of effectiveness, and you need to focus on it today in order to correct it." notes Docebo E-Learning Blog.

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In this whitepaper, we explore the steps you need to take to improve your learner experience. You will learn:
  • Why learner experience is the weakest link in the eLearning chain
  • The elements of a great learner experience
  • How to deliver an effective modern learner experience
Photo: Paul Leavoy
Photo: Andrea Biraghi
Paul Leavoy, Senior Content Manager, Docebo and Andrea Biraghi, Head of Design, Docebo writes in the introduction, "Can you recall the first time you learned how to cook a basic meal? Did you find a cookbook, study preparation guidelines, and figure out how to put it together yourself? Did a parent or peer show you how to do it, step by step? Or, perhaps the first time you made your own meal was in the information age, and you simply got online, found a few instructional videos and recipes, and
proceeded to create your first meal yourself. Or maybe it was a mix of all of the above."

In any case, the ease with which you were able to acquire the knowledge necessary to complete the intended task at hand – in this case, a basic meal – represents the most critical, central part of the learning journey that enabled you, as a learner, to achieve your desired outcome expediently, efficiently, and effortlessly.

Before we begin, it is essential to understand that while we can always leverage broad tactics and strategies to get our learners on board, every individual learner is unique, and one’s learning journey may be quite different from another’s. But we’ll explore all of this as we dive into the world of learner experience.

Download the White Paper

Source: Docebo E-Learning Blog