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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Watch the First Ever Music Video Created Using Artificial Intelligence | Noiseporn

"The first video created using Google’s artificial intelligence technology has arrived." according to Noiseporn.
Ben Zaidi’s “Who Did I Think I Was” is the first-ever music video created by Google’s DeepDream technology, which was just made public in 2016. The video, shot and edited by two Visual and Environmental Studies students at Harvard University, took over a year to complete and was created frame-by-frame.

Ben Zaidi – Who Did I Think I Was. (Official Video


The stunning result, processed with the DeepDream software, uses a specific type of artificial intelligence known as “neural networks.” In basic terms, the software mimics the working process of a human brain’s neurons and is capable of learning patterns. DeepDream’s software was “taught” different styles of rendering photos by feeding it images from Google’s servers.

Zaidi’s “Who Did I Think I Was” switches between various sets of patterns that work in contrast against each other to reflect a crisis of identity. But Zaidi’s artistic identity seems to be far from in crisis.
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Source: Noiseporn and Ben Zaidi Channel (YouTube)