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Friday, March 10, 2017

University Specialist: Girls Need Safe Spaces to Be Able to Do Science | National Review

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"Or we could try encouraging girls to succeed in the real world without coddling." notes Katherine Timpf, National Review Online reporter. 
Photo: Jacek Chabraszewski/Dreamstime
According to one specialist, girls ages 10–14 need a safe space to study science in order to be as successful in the STEM fields as males.

“We need to provide a non-judgmental bridge period until girls are confident enough to embrace the idea of engaging in science and technology,” Dr. Wendy Fasso, a specialist at Central Queensland University in Australia, told EducationHQ.

According to Fasso, the education system needs to “capture [girls’] interests” before they are “bombarded with conflicting messages about stereotypes and gender roles,” such as the idea that science is “boy stuff.”

“It’s crucial that, during the ages they are formulating their ideas of who they are and what they can achieve, and forming their friendship circles, we influence their study interests and ensure they are proud to be science nerds,” Fasso said.

Fasso said that she has been working in association with a K–12 workshop program called “Makerspace” on a project that teaches girls about science and coding within the framework of things like fashion and hairstyles — and that she’s seen a lot of success with it so far.

“Before our Makerspace project, none of the girls would identify as being a nerd but afterwards all of them were proud to be identified as a science nerd,” she said.