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Friday, March 10, 2017

Summon the Ender Dragon: Coding with Minecraft | Leominster Champion - City Living

"The meeting room at the Leominster Public Library exploded with excitement and chatter on Wednesday, Feb. 22, when Thi Sarkis of the Rhode Island Computer Museum encouraged children to summon the Ender Dragon." continues  Leominster Champion - City Living.
Photo:  Leominster Champion

Seventeen boys and girls, between the ages of 8 and 12, participated in a free two-hour Coding with Minecraft workshop, where they were introduced to coding concepts using JavaScript. Minecraft is a wildly popular sandbox game, where players can create, explore and customize their own virtual worlds using building blocks.

Laptops were provided for use to each participant, many of whom had no prior experience with Minecraft or coding. Students sat at tables in groups of four and were able to connect and play together on a secure server. Looking around the room, you could see custom-built houses, forts, castles, and skyscrapers. The kids learned how to change the weather to make it rain, to build giant rainbows and how to summon lightning bolts with a bow and arrow.

The kids didn’t realize they were building on their creativity, collaboration and problem solving skills. They just knew they were having lots of fun.

Source: Leominster Champion