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Thursday, July 04, 2019

Blended learning: How is this learning component relevant? | Lifestyle - The New Times

According to Stanley Mukasa, a Kigali-based educator, this form of learning is an approach to education that avails opportunities for interaction since it combines online education and traditional place-based classroom methods.

Photo: Perspectives Charter Schools/Flickr
Whereas blended learning is a new aspect in education, a number of institutions and students themselves have quickly embraced it.

Blended learning is a type of education that combines traditional/face-to-face learning and that of online.

The combination of these teaching methods (traditional classroom and online learning) facilitates learners to reach their full potential, since different students prefer different learning styles...

He explains that this is because with the face-to-face or traditional learning environment, one has to come in for a specific time, but for online learning, they can always catch up with everything at any given time.
Mathias Nkeeto, a mathematics teacher at Green Hills Academy, says blended learning allows students to study in their preferred settings and these can include home, school or even work, for those who juggle study and work...

Mukasa notes that blended learning also helps prepare students for the future.

Source: The New Times