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Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Study Finds that at Summer Camp, Teens Feel Relieved to Leave their Mobile Devices Behind | Editor’s Picks - eLearningInside News

Technology and screens are making an increasing impact on the North American classroom—often for the better, summarizes Henry Kronk, Writer/Editor at eLearning Inside News.

Photo: Photo: Liam Macleod, Unsplash.
But as teachers and students rely more and more on technology for the task of learning, it makes time spent outside of the classroom and away from mobile devices all the more important. Summer, and summer camp, offer a great opportunity to make that happen. A survey published by Screen Education, a non-profit dedicated to researching mobile device use, has discovered that most teens who attend camp recognize this. A large majority—93%—said they experienced a sense of relief after leaving their phones and social media at home.

Screen Education tapped their affiliation with the Jewish Community Center (JCC) Association to conduct the investigation and also invited any camp to participate via an online survey. An initial round took place during the summer of 2018 and involved researchers interviewing people at participating camps and conducting their own observations. With the second phase, Screen Education sent out an online survey. In all, they heard from 1,073 11- to 16-year-old campers...

Should Summer Camp Access Become a Policy Issue?
Meanwhile, the Screen Education report strongly advocates for the digital detoxes provided by overnight summer camps and urges camps to maintain their device-free policies. What’s more, they say the experience should be available to anyone who wants to attend.

“Given that overnight camps are essentially the only societal institutions providing children with an extended digital detox experience, it would be beneficial to provide as many children as possible—ideally, every child—with the overnight camp experience,” the authors write...

Read the full report here