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Friday, February 20, 2009

An eBook From Atomic Learning: Seven Steps to a Flat Classroom

I wanted to let you know about a free e-book which is now available.
The e-book, The Seven Steps to a Flat Classroom is based on a tutorial series by Vicki Davis. Vicki also graciously contributed a preface to the e-book.
Senior Marketing Specialist, Emily Lachinski writes, "the additional two parts of the e-book will be releasing in the coming weeks. They will also be free.

We can now work with almost anyone, any place, and at any time – and our classrooms should reflect that. The flat classroom is about introducing our students to the world in safe, meaningful ways that will enrich and augment the things that are already working in our schools.
This e-book is based on an Atomic Learning workshop developed by Vicki Davis, who has been recognized for her innovative use of the Web in the classroom.

Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis are actively authoring a book to be published within the next year about the amazing Flat Classroom™ projects and you may follow this on her blog, Cool Cat Teacher or their website They have many projects now that operate on a year round basis and also mentor as much as we can.

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Source: Atomic Learning