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Thursday, February 19, 2009 Launches Live Online Classes, a rapidly growing online education community and marketplace, has launched eduFire Classes, a new service that makes live online group classes available to the public.
Classes are currently being offered on the site in subjects such as foreign language learning, exam prep and computer programming.

eduFire Classes allow teachers to reach a global audience and students to learn in an interactive group setting. Teachers use a combination of live video instruction via webcam, whiteboards, presentations and text and voice chat to interact with students. Classes can be offered free or a fee can be charged.“More than ever in this economic climate people are looking to sharpen their skills and expand their education”, says Jon Bischke, eduFire’s Founder and CEO. "We feel that the eduFire Classes service is the most convenient and cost-effective way for students to learn and the most flexible online platform for teachers."

About eduFire
We have a simple (but not easy) mission: Revolution education.
Our goal is to create a platform to allow live learning to take place over the Internet anytime from anywhere.
Most importantly...for anyone. We’re the first people (we know of) to create something that’s totally open and community-driven (rather than closed and transaction-driven).
We’re excited to create tools for people to teach and learn what they love in ways they never imagined possible.
If changing the world is your thing and you’re as passionate about education and learning as we are, please get in touch.

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