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Friday, February 20, 2009

Atlantic Link Wins 10th Award - Best Rapid E-Learning Publisher at Training 2009 Shootout in Atlanta

Atlantic Link is delighted to announce their win in the Rapid e-learning Publishing shootout at Training 2009 in Atlanta. Training Magazine and Bryan Chapman, Chief Learning Strategist, Chapman Alliance LLC, hosted the event.

For the shootout, audience members observed the power of real-time collaboration in rapid development. The teams in this part of the competition showed the audience how content coming from multiple sources could be quickly organized into production-ready courses. In fact, the competitors imported learning activities created in the previous Shootout (held one day earlier) to augment their courses, successfully demonstrating interoperability among rapid content developers.
"I'm sure it was the fact that we built the course live on a web server and collaboratively added third party content - that won us the competition. We started from scratch and within 8 minutes the course was live on our web server.
The course was built in less than 10 seconds using the quick start wizard. I uploaded PowerPoint, Captivate and Raptivity content directly into the course while my colleague Thom Tate (who was sat in the audience) added in YouTube video, a live webcam feed and a complete Rolling Stones mp3 file."

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About Atlantic Link
Atlantic Link provides the world's most advanced rapid eLearning collaboration tools. Content Point is the first truly server-based, rapid e-learning tool for collaborative, remote course authoring. The aim for the company is to develop leading-edge development tools that elevate the practice of collaborative rapid e-learning development.
With the Atlantic Link software, anyone who can use a computer can create stunning e-learning and unleash the knowledge locked within themselves and their organizations.
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