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Thursday, February 19, 2009 - Video Based E-courses

The 845 club is a solution aimed at the ones who wish to pick up business knowledge but don’t really have a lot of time on their hands to attend courses or seminars in the physical world.

What this service does, then, is let them choose a course from the many on offer and have the lessons delivered straight to their inboxes in the form of video tutorials. Moreover, materials such as PDFs, e-books and downloadable documents are duly included. By way of example, some of the available courses go by names such as “IT Secrets For Marketing Managers”, “Custom eLearning For Your Audience” and “The Art Of Account Management”. Further courses include “Leadership competencies” and “Small Business Growth”.

About The 845 Club
The 845 Club and its courses are brought to you by the Being Smarter network.
“Our mission is to inspire business people to take the challenge of improving their business performance and to provide the tools in different niches to do it.”
Mark Copeman, the editor has been working in radio and video, in sales and marketing functions and with people in both large and small businesses for the last 15 years.
He has been working extensively in the marketing and elearning arenas for the last 8 years, starting up and selling his share in a marketing agency, specialising in helping sales and marketing people get the most out of selling and demonstrating their products.
Many of these projects were video-based and the company created a ‘Virtual Expert’ concept of canning subject matter experts.
He has continued to build on this concept with The 845 Club and has worked with a number of CEOs and subject matter experts to put together the courses you see available today.
Mark is available to speak at your event with one of his various “How to… top 10’s” in business - 30 mins of practical tips in various business disciplines which you can take and use to make a real difference immediately.