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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Scout Report: Research and Education

Check out these highlights from The Internet Scout Project below.

Digital Research Tools

As more and more scholars grow interested in the world of digital research, this tremendously useful wiki will be one that they will tell their colleagues about. Created by Lisa Spiro, the director of the Digital Media Center at Rice University, this collaborative wiki collects information about tools and resources that can help scholars conduct research more efficiently or creatively. Visitors can browse through topical headings that include "Authoring", "Blogging", and "Data Mining", among others.

Stanford Humanities Center: Events Archive

Stanford University invites many distinguished guests to its campus in Palo Alto every year, and the Stanford Humanities Center certainly sees its fair share of those various talented individuals. In the past few years, the Center has worked to make more and more of their talks and lectures available to the general public via this site.
The archive dates back to 2003, although the first lecture available online is from 2004. The guests include such figures as New York Times critic Anthony Tommasini, Marina Warner, and Richard Taruskin.

Engaging Digital Tibet

The Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning presents this resource for the study of Tibet. Primarily a database of digital objects, Engaging Digital Tibet provides tools that should enable instructors to create valuable learning experiences.
For each object, lengthy annotations are provided, often linked to various details of the item. A silk Hevajra Tapestry, ca. 13th century, can be displayed accompanied by 9 notes, contextualizing the piece, explaining that Hevajra is a semi-wrathful form of Buddha, discussing the symbolism of the tapestry, and that it was created for religious use.

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