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Thursday, February 19, 2009

OnPoint Digital Offers New CellCast Mobile Library

OnPoint Digital, Inc., a leading e-learning and mobile solutions provider, announced today their newest mobile offering-the CellCast Mobile Library. This innovative content library provides just-in-time access to helpful, thought provoking content from well known business and thought leaders - formatted in short segments designed for cellphone playback. Users can access the content collections online from their computers, by downloading the content to their smartphones, or by listening to the content in podcast format via virtually any mobile phone. Access the new Mobile Content Library at

Organizations are constantly seeking new ways to take better advantage of the explosion of cellphones and smartphones in use by today's mobile workforce to more quickly and effectively communicate with their team, extend learning opportunities, and enhance job performance. The CellCast Mobile Library offers hundreds of titles in a variety of formats-from high-res or steaming video to standard podcasts, animated slide presentations and even via phone-in audio from any touchtone-capable phone.

About OnPoint Digital, Inc.
OnPoint Digital, Inc. is an eLearning and mobile solutions provider dedicated to the development of powerful yet affordably priced online learning and performance management tools for middle market and enterprise customers. OnPoint offers a full-featured LMS/LCMS software suite, enabling the creation and management of rich-media courseware, online assessments, appraisals, skills tracking and detailed reporting, plus numerous optional modules such as integrated document management, e-commerce, and portal/intranet offerings.

OnPoint's innovative and award-winning CellCast Solution allows companies to easily create, deliver and track mobile content and assessments directly to users' mobile phones. The software delivers 1 and 2-way messaging and podcasts to any standard cellphone. For more advanced smartphones, the solution also enables the delivery of mobile web content, text and PDF files, videos/podcasts and animated PowerPoint content. Supported smartphone devices include BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds, Apple iPhones, and Windows Mobile devices. Content can be accessed "over-the-air" or automatically synced to the preferred mobile device.

Perfect for just-in-time training, learning reinforcement, surveys, and marketing updates -- OnPoint's CellCast Solution helps organizations leverage their investment in cell phones and monthly plans by better utilizing an employee's time while mobile, and by making the knowledge they need available, where and when they need it most.