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Friday, February 20, 2009

Keller's Trinity Meadows Intermediate School fifth-graders use cellphones as classroom computer by KATHERINE LEAL UNMUTH

First came desktop computers. Then laptops. Now, some argue the cellphone will eventually reign supreme as the preferred classroom computer.

Marina Romanyuk (left), Amy Herman and Christina Mai (right) aren't text-messaging their friends on these cellphones. They are using them for their classwork.

At Keller's Trinity Meadows Intermediate School, a class of fifth-graders already is testing that theory. On a recent morning, the children sat in groups, gripping phones as they rapidly punched buttons and stared into tiny screens.
"Laptops are oh so '90s – they're your parents' generation," said Elliot Soloway, a University of Michigan professor who created the software that the students are using. "While every kid does need a computer, the computer that will happen on will be cellphones. The cellphone is now as important as a pair of shoes or a coat."

Source: Texas Cable News