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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Best Free Math Apps for Kids

Berna Erol, PhD summarize, "My then 3 year old son wanted to come and join the fun. He hold the phone and started using the applications within seconds. I was mesmerized.
Within days I setup this blog, I really wanted to share my experience with all the parents, anything from how to kid-proof your iPhone, setting up parental controls, to how to connect your iPhone to your TV."

Best Free Math Apps
When it comes to learning, math is like vegetables. Kids either love it, or they hate it. However, whether your child squeals with excitement, or groans with dread at the prospect of crunching numbers, free math apps make mathematics a little more enjoyable. The biggest benefit for parents is that the best free math apps will get students practicing their addition, division and subtraction for the low, low price of free. That’s an equation anybody can appreciate.
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