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Monday, May 23, 2011

Classrooms need to enter the 21st Century by Jamel Heard

Being a high school student, technology surrounds me. Take the iPad, for example. It’s a hand-held, touch-screen device, which allows you to use the Internet, call anyone, watch movies, play games and do many more things. Nowadays, even people’s phones are little computers hiding in their pockets just waiting to come out.

Photo: Salvatore Vuono
With all these devices and other technology surrounding students, it is very easy to develop new knowledge at a fast rate. The only problem is, all that technology goes away when we enter the classroom. Some even revert all the way to chalkboards.

We all know education is one of the most important keys to setting a successful path for yourself, but what if that path is being blocked by something you don’t have, and unblocking it is out of your hands? Technology in the classroom is lacking, and students don’t have any control of getting devices to help them learn. What is the world coming to?