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Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Online Store Offers Arts, Crafts, Education and Fun for Kids

This recently opened store makes it easy to entertain and educate children.

Photo: Vlado
These days, entertaining children is a full time job. It’s important to mix in learning and education with the fun, and that takes a healthy dose of creativity. Implementing favorite activities like arts and crafts is one great way to do that. Parents, grandparents and others are looking for a store that offers the kinds of items that children really respond to.

Thanks to one new store, shoppers now have that go-to place for children’s items. Recently established by entrepreneur Kathy Tiersma, City Buys is an Internet store that provides all kinds of wonderful items that kids are sure to love. The site is available at any time of day to their customers via the web at

Shoppers will find the web store to be quite easy to use. City Buys features a user-friendly interface and a helpful search function that makes the shopping experience enjoyable. Even for those people who don’t have much experience with making purchases on the web, the site proves to be safe and simple.

City Buys offers their customers great deals on arts and crafts, learning and education items and toy furniture. For anyone looking to give their children some fun while also letting them show some creativity, this is a must-visit store.

Source: PRWeb