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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Studies Show Effectiveness for K-3 Math Intervention Program

Don't miss these results of two effectiveness studies conducted by an independent researcher. They found that K-3 students using DreamBox Learning’s online adaptive program improved their math proficiency by 19% over 2 weeks, and 50% over 2 months.

This study focused on second grade students who volunteered to participate in a pilot implementation of the DreamBox Learning instructional product, DreamBox Learning K-2 Math. Twenty-seven second grade students participated in a study to examine the effectiveness of the DreamBox technology on mathematics learning over a two-week period. Students were given a paper-and-pencil pretest on the first day of the DreamBox after-school program. They were then given a parallel post-test on the last day of the DreamBox after-school program. The results were analyzed using a paired-sample or dependent t test and the results were found to be statistically significant with an average improvement in test scores.

This study focused on 369 students who participated in the final research phase of the product’s development. These were students in pre-K through third grade who had volunteered to participate in a pilot implementation of the DreamBox instructional product, and who played at least 3 times.

Why is adaptive learning from DreamBox so effective at building math conceptual understanding and fluency?
  • Research-based pedagogy
  • Adaptive technology that uses ongoing assessment to keep every student in their optimal learning zone
  • Student engagement via content and use of virtual manipulatives
Dr. Tim Hudson, K-12 Coordinator of Mathematics for the Parkway School District, finds DreamBox Learning so effective that he us using it in 18 schools and is seeing dramatic results.

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Source: DreamBox Learning