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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Washington Post launches online classes

Today the Washington Post extends the power of the newsroom to engage readers in dynamic online courses through the introduction of Post MasterClass. The online courses are written by experienced Post writers and editors on subjects ranging from financial literacy to the social, religious, and political currents that have shaped China.

Dr. Candy Lee, Chief Advisor and Developer of The Washington Post MasterClass said, “It’s an unique learning experience where Post experts combine in-depth knowledge gained from years of covering their fields with the latest in interactive online instruction and rich media.” T

These self-paced, online classes are ideal for anyone seeking personal and professional enrichment. They currently include the following:
  • Introduction to Economic Literacy by Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist, Steven Pearlstein—A solid, practical foundation for understanding the world of economics conveyed by looking at the subject in a new way: Pearlstein answers eight important questions and through these answers showcases major economic terms and theories.
  • How the Federal Government Budgets and Operates by award-winning reporter, Lori Montgomery—Learn about the key players in the federal budget process and how the federal government decides to collect and spend money, pursues those priorities, and executes its decisions.
  • Inside China by Asian correspondent and author, John Pomfret—Understand the rise of modern China, the relationship between the U.S. and China, and how the Chinese view the world – all shown through multiple forms of media.
  • Creating Audiences for Your Digital Content by executive producer and head of digital news products, Katharine Zaleski—Learn the terms, tools, and skills to get your content out there, increase your website traffic, and understand the value of social media.
  • Spy Fact and Fiction by bestselling author and columnist David Ignatius—Examine some of the most important milestones in the modern history of espionage and some of the most riveting spy novels, movies and cities of intrigue.
  • Great Digital Photography: Learn from the Pros by three-time Pulitzer Prize Photography winner, Michel du Cille, and Bonnie Jo Mount—Explore the technical and aesthetic aspects of photography to help you capture everything from sports action to portraits.
  • The Wines of Bordeaux by world-renowned wine writer, Joseph Ward—A guide through France’s most important wine region, highlighting some of the world’s finest wines and the affordable alternatives that provide a glimpse of greatness at a fraction of the cost.
Photo: The Washington Post MasterClass
MasterClass courses use the latest in multimedia techniques such as interactive maps, simulations, video instruction, all accessible easily via the Internet. Each course will take between 15-25 hours to complete and may be accessed for up to six months.
A learning adviser will be available to relay student questions to the experts and live, online technical service will be provided.

Courses are available now for an introductory price of $299. Newspaper subscribers in the greater Washington, DC area who have the paper delivered at their homes will be eligible for a lower price of $199. The Wines of Bordeaux has an introductory price of $199 (with newspaper subscribers eligible for $99).
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Source: Reuters