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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

iDinobook: Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs for iPad

4Fig is pleased to announce iDinobook. It is not only a book, it's a new way to enjoy the dinosaurs and learn at the same time. With a lot of information, very easy to use, it's a new step ahead in education applications for the iPad/iPhone.

iDinobook is based on original ideas never seen before in any iOS dinosaur application and escaping from the only-book apps, this application was born from a question to our sons: "what would you like to do with a book of dinosaurs and you can't?" "make easy to find them, great zoom, mix them in the same paper..." and much more ideas. We accepted the challenge and almost all the ideas have been included, like zooming, thanks to the high quality illustrations made by our paleo-artist, comparing with other dinosaurs and other actual animals, provide an easy way to found your favorite dinosaurs by name, by diet, by weight, even looking where their fossils were found into a pushpin map. Also you can transform the iPad/iPhone into a portable x-ray machine and see through these ancient animals to know how they were inside.


* A groundbreaking multi-touch interface
* Exclusive high quality illustrations with a large resolution
* Innovative multimedia functionality to interact with dinosaurs
* Quiz with thousands of different questions with three difficulty levels
* Lots of information from more than two hundred dinosaurs organized in a clever way
* Interactive map with pinpoint countries on the globe where species fossils have been discovered
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iDinobook for iPad: encyclopedia of dinosaurs for kids and adults 

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