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Thursday, May 26, 2011 Launches K-12 Online Tutoring Services

TutorCircle, an interesting and innovative online tutoring service was launched last week. TutorCircle offers K-12 tutoring in Science, English and Math.
Unlike existing tutoring service providers, TutorCircle takes a different approach to learning.


TutorCircle offers Online Math Tutoring, Physics Tutoring, Chemistry Tutoring, Algebra Tutoring and Calculus tutoring across K-12. Our online tutoring is done by a team of highly qualified tutors. The tutors are handpicked after a series of assessment tests besides their online teaching credentials are also evaluated. This ensures that students get the best online tutoring experience every time they log-in.

Students or parents interested in finding out more about the service can visit –
They can sign up and start taking sessions right away.

About TutorCircle
TutorCircle offers a unique platform to make learning interesting and interactive for students. We offer Online Tutoring, Homework and Assignment Help across grades and levels.

At TutorCircle we have extensively researched online tutoring techniques and methodologies and come up with a tutoring program that is both informative and effective. Our tutoring is customized and is done employing the latest and best techniques in online teaching. We use an interactive whiteboard for our tutoring sessions where a student can draw, write and also shares notes and assignments. Using a headset the student can talk to the tutor. The best part is all our sessions are one-on-one and completely student driven.

TutorCircle has a team of highly qualified and experienced tutors. Besides excellent teaching credentials, our tutors are interested in teaching - something which gets reflected in the quality of our tutoring sessions.

Our sessions are intended to develop the love of learning in a student rather than just giving them ready made answers. We understand each students strengths and weaknesses and tailor our tutoring to help a student learn to the best of his/her abilities.

Source: PRWeb