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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A guide to understanding eLearning basics - Free eBook | CommLab India

Here's a new eBook from CommLab India.

This eBook aims to give you a basic, yet substantial understanding of eLearning, what goes into e-learning design and development, and is especially helpful if you are in the process of debating whether eLearning is the right choice for your organization. 

By the end of this eBook, you will understand:

  • What eLearning is
  • The advantages of eLearning
  • The impact of eLearning on businesses
  • How eLearning courses are designed, developed, and deployed
Download the eBook Now!

CommLab India writes in the introduction, "We live in a knowledge-based economy that is characterized by advancements in technology, globalization, intensive competition, and rapid changes in customer needs. To be able to consistently grow, cope with these changes,
and stay ahead of the game, the workforce must keep itself constantly updated with new concepts, skills and technology."

But there are challenges that hinder this ability to grow and change – the most common being the inability to train a new type of workforce that is fast emerging today – one that is young, diverse, globally dispersed, and with new learning needs.

In an endeavor to increase their workforce’s productivity and competency, many large and mid-sized organizations have fostered innovation, moved away from the traditional training methods and adopted eLearning methodologies that have had a positive impact on business.
Download the eBook Now!

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