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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Webinar on Applications for Raptivity in the University Classroom | Raptivity Blog

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This complimentary webinar below is scheduled on Wednesday, 11th May, 2016 at 10 AM PST.

Games and simulations are two of the most popular ways to make learning interactive. It is widely known that making learning interactive is essential to achieving desired outcomes from any learning program. Now there is research that proves it too! Join us to know more about the research done in this area by Dr. Lisa Vinney, Assistant Professor in the Communication Sciences and Disorders Department at Illinois State University. Joining her will be Dr. Katherine Verdolini Abbott, Professor of Communication Science and Disorders at the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh, who conducted an experiment in her classroom inspired by Dr. Vinney’s research.

Recent research by Dr. Vinney and colleagues has indicated that undergraduate students who used mini-quiz games, exhibited significantly better recall and short-term retention of newly learned concepts than individuals who did not engage in any of these elaborative activities. Dr. Vinney will discuss the design of this research, its results, and potential study implications.

Dr. Verdolini Abbott recently incorporated Raptivity quizzes and games into the graduate-level voice disorders course she taught at the University of Pittsburgh. Students responded very positively, indicating the quizzes do help their learning and certainly help to keep their attention in this 3-hr night class, which follows a day of clinical training. 

Highlights of the webinar: 
  • Dr. Vinney will discuss the design of the research on game and activity based learning
  • Results of the research and potential study implications will be shared
  • Dr. Verdolini Abbott will share a case study inspired by the research on how mini-quiz games can be used in university classrooms.
  • Discuss future opportunities to use interactions effectively in classroom or online setting.
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Source: Raptivity Blog

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