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Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Digital transformation: Time for the trainer | Digital Journal - Business

Photo: Tim Sandle
"One effect of the current push towards greater business innovation is the development of digital transformation training courses, designed to teach the key principles of the digital economy" says Dr. Tim Sandle, Digital Journal's Editor-at-Large for science news.

MHRA presentation at the November 2016 Pharmig conference, covering sterile products updates.
Photo: Digital Journal

Staffing up for digital transformation is one of the key obstacles many companies are facing. Some fortunate businesses have sufficient expertise in-house, or they have the resources to outsource or to recruit top talent. However, for smaller companies, many aspects of the digital transformation process need to be learnt. To meet this demand, as the Financial Times reports, training providers are beginning to offer courses, either face-to-face or online, in the fundamentals of digital transformation for business.

Transformative education 
One such provider is the Australian based company Skillsoft, which has announced a package under the wrapper of ‘Digital Transformation Fundamentals for Business’. The series of courses cuts across seven domains: Essentials of Transformation Technologies, Data Science, Designing Digital Experiences, Agility for Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing & Communications, Virtual Collaboration and Emerging Digital Competencies. 

Speaking with IT Brief, Skillsoft’s CEO Bill Donoghue explains the importance of the new training packages for businesses: “As digital transformation drives the creation of new business models, there is an imperative to develop digital intelligence across all levels of organizations.” 

He adds: “Skillsoft’s new digital transformation course series is designed to help customers address this talent readiness challenge and prepare for the road ahead in industry-changing technologies such as cloud, data analytics and the Internet of Things.” 

Source: Digital Journal