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Saturday, November 25, 2017

These are the jobs already being created by the artificial intelligence boom | Quartz

"Predictions about the economic impact of artificial intelligence swing from increased productivity to the complete annihilation of industries" continues Quartz.

Photo: Quartz

Clearly, nobody really knows how the introduction of autonomous decision-making software is going to shape our world.

But there are some early reasons for optimism: new jobs are already being created due to the AI boom, according to Nov. 16 research from Glassdoor Economic Research, a website that analyzes the labor market.

Some new jobs aren’t surprising, like AI-savvy software engineers, data scientists, and project managers. The most common new AI-related job is AI software engineer, comprising 11% of Glassdoor’s 512 AI-related job postings...

Another report (pdf) on the future of AI-related jobs, funded by IT company Cognizant, projects 21 jobs that could fit into workplaces in the next 10 years. Among them: chief trust officer, highway controller, and man-machine teaming manager.

Source: Quartz

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