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Friday, November 17, 2017

Famous philosopher’s quotes for World Philosophy Day: ‘I think therefore I am’ | Metro

Do you know any famous philosopher's quotes? notes Avinash Bhunjun for

Today is World philosophy day
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"World Philosophy Day is celebrated annually on the third Thursday of November and is a great time for us all to think a bit more deeply than usual" notes

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) created the event and highlights the enduring value of philosophy for the development of human thought, for each culture and for each individual.

World Philosophy Day was created in 2005 and critically questions the significance of life and other topics.
The purpose of the event is to better understand the importance of this discipline, especially for young people.

Socrates (469 -399 BC) was a Classical Greek Athenian philosopher
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UNESCO hopes that philosophy can be a discipline that encourages critical and independent thought and is capable of working towards a better understanding of the world and promoting tolerance and peace.

To get in the spirit of things, test how well you know your philosophers and see what quotes are you familiar with.

Source: Metro