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Friday, November 24, 2017

Smart to focus on ‘digital mindset’ | Khmer Times

"Smart Axiata, the leading mobile telecommunications company in Cambodia, joined forces with other companies of the Axiata Group across Asia, to launch Digital Jam, a programme whose core function is to further employees’ skills with the latest digital tools" writes Chea Vannak - Khmer Times.
Thomas Hundt, CEO of Smart Axiata, speaks to employees during the Digital Jam event.
Photo: KT/Chor Sokunthea

The programme is comprised of activity days where all employees come together online to experiment with and experience new digital work tools, games and a variety of other digital learning experiences.

It aims to develop a “digital mindset” and new digital competencies, as well as getting staff familiriased with running new projects that will ultimately improve their ability to meet customers’ needs.

The Digital Jam programme marks a shift in the Group’s training focus, where digital technologies and business capabilities take on more important roles.

With digital competencies becoming a key pillar in its transformation strategy, Smart seeks to create a modern and agile work culture where the newer generations can fit right in.

Thomas Hundt, CEO of Smart Axiata, said the new programme is part of the company’s strategy to prepare for a future where digital technologies are even more pervasive.

“The idea of Digital Jam across all Axiata markets is exactly to activate all employees to come together online, to experiment with and experience new digital work tools as well as obtain more digital learning experiences.

“As our customers become more digital, we need to digitally transform ourselves too and utilise the many cool digital technologies out there that can help us improve agility and efficiency.

“We are moving fast in creating our digital future as part of our vision to become Cambodia’s Digital Champion! We are future-proofing our organisation and creating a common language around digital,” Mr Hundt said during the event.
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Source: Khmer Times