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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Teachers’ meet in December to bridge learning gaps | Times of India - Schools & Colleges

"Teaching of science and mathematics has been a problem in the state with various assessments by both the government and private bodies reflecting low levels of understanding of both subjects among students" continues Times of India.

About 75 teachers from the state will participate and imbibe innovative methods for evaluation of science learning in classroom.

Apurva Barve, centre coordinator of the Centre of Excellence in Science and Mathematics Education (COESME) at IISER, Pune, said three or four teachers who are selected will get a month's internship and exposure to new-age technologies. 

"The state government also organises conferences but in those, a few speak and the rest merely listen . At this congress in IISER, we give a platform to science and mathematics teachers to communicate their ideas, and share new experiments in teaching methodology and science education," A P Deshpande, secretary of the parishad, said.  
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Source: Times of India