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Wednesday, January 06, 2021

2021: The Year of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence | Artificial Intelligence - TechNewsWorld

I'm writing this just before New Year's Day, and like many of you I'm hoping to reach my one remaining goal for 2020, which is to be alive in 2021, as Rob Enderle, has been an ECT News Network columnist since 2003 reports.

2021 will see advances in robotics and artificial intelligence
Photo: TechNewsWorld

I'm looking forward to putting 2020 behind, and while the pandemic has been painful, it has caused things to accelerate in several areas impressively rapidly. Two of those areas are robotics and artificial intelligence, which we'll see adapted broadly this decade with a considerable bump in 2021.

Let's talk about all of that this week, and we'll close with my first product of the week in 2021, the Somnofy AI Sleep Monitor.

Let's begin.

Robots, Robots, Robots

Robots, robots, and more robots will increasingly surround us in 2021...

AI Domination 

Another place we are going to see a ton of deployments is AI. From temperature monitors at entrances to transportation, offices, hospitals, and restaurants that alert and sometimes prevent entry for those running a bit hot, to radically improved digital assistants, we are going to be surrounded by AI. 


Source: TechNewsWorld