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Saturday, January 02, 2021

Which way for university online learning after pandemic? | The Star, Kenya

In Summary

•Even though online long-distance learning has been emphasized in the past months, many students have missed out due to lack of resources.

• However, more students with access, prefer the virtual learning compared to the traditional face to face.

Sharon Maombo, Online Journalist at The Star summarizes, What will the future hold for education. 

ONLINE LEARNING: Student learns from home with laptop, textbook and smartphone.

Covid-19 triggered the closure of universities, disrupting traditional face-to-face learning, thus compelling majority to migrate to online.

The pandemic exposed Kenyans to the realities of education in ways not previously thought of.

Through the internet, learners were engaged in university tutorials as many students enrolled for the new learning and teaching dispensation...

Aga Khan University Vice Provost Dr. Alex Awiti  once noted that the time is now for Kenya to have a flipped classroom where students have access to all the content they need, anytime, independently and away from the classroom.

These include video, audio, readings, PowerPoint etc, distributed via social media platforms, accessed by mobile devices.


Source: The Star, Kenya