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Friday, January 01, 2021

9 Tech Jobs for Digital Nomads | Odds & Ends - ACED Magazine

The internet has annihilated the old way of doing business, as goods and services can be sold from anywhere in the world. Programming jobs are powering this digital nomad revolution, says Jenna Bensoussan, entertainment, lifestyle, and wellness writer and editor.

Photo: Andrew Neel from Pexels
The pandemic of 2020 forced many companies to go remote; going to the office became discouraged, and most teams began operating through a combination of chat rooms and video conferencing. Because many people travel the world while working high-paying jobs in the digital economy, programming is one of the most in-demand jobs for remote work.

Development roles often overlap in knowledge and skill set, so getting basic credentials like a Computer Science degree will help. Many of these jobs require only a resume. Many teams work together using software like Zoom, Skype, or Slack. The sky’s the limit once you have the basic skills and credentials. You can work from anywhere and keep increasing your income as you learn. Make sure to have a specialty to stand out. The best way to show this is the projects you’ve worked on. That will help you get any development job you want and live as a digital nomad.

What follows are nine types of dev jobs you can do remotely.

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Source: ACED Magazine