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Saturday, January 02, 2021

CBeebies star YolanDa Brown: ‘It’s proven that playing music together helps children build confidence’ | Music Interviews - iNews

CBeebies YolanDa’s Band Jam presenter wants primary school children to experience joy of music making by Adam Sherwin, Arts & Media Correspondent at

YolanDa Brown is a jazz musician, TV presenter and aspiring racing driver
Photo: iNews
Only a pandemic could have forced YolanDa Brown, award-winning saxophonist, broadcaster, philanthropist and racing car enthusiast, into the pitlane.

“We played our last show in March to a full house in Melbourne, which was supposed to coincide with the Australian Grand Prix,” the musician reflects...

Music resources for home learning

“We want to help teachers integrate music into the national curriculum but our online resources have been designed for home learning too if schools close again.”

“Parents don’t have to be musical. You can start a beat banging on the dinner table and get a sing-along going. Just that interaction as a family can be uplifting in these trying times.”

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Source: iNews