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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

A robotic revolution set to change urban lifestyle | Robotics - THE WEEK

Autonomous systems can transform the world for people and wildlife by University of Leeds.

Photo: Josh Sorenson from Pexels

Drones, robots and autonomous systems could transform the natural world in and around cities for people and wildlife, says a new study led by Leeds University.

The study, involving over 170 experts, was conducted as part of Leeds' Self Repairing Cities project, which aims to enable robots and autonomous systems to maintain urban infrastructure without causing disruption to citizens.

Researchers assessed the opportunities and challenges that this cutting-edge technology could have for urban nature and green space

The researchers highlighted opportunities to improve how we monitor nature, such as identifying emerging pests and ensuring plants are cared for, and helping people engage with and appreciate the natural world around them...

The research, published today in Nature Ecology & Evolution, is authored by a team of 77 academics and practitioners.

The researchers conducted an online survey of 170 experts from 35 countries, which they say provides a current best guess of what the future could hold.

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Source: THE WEEK