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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Robots Ready to Grow in 2021 | Technology and IIoT - IndustryWeek

A look ahead at the growing role of robotics post pandemic, as Peter Fretty, Technology Editor at IndustryWeek reports.

Spot 8 Credit To Boston Dynamics
Photo: IndustryWeek

As IW’s 2020 Technology Survey showed robotics continue to serve as a primary area of interest for manufacturers. And for good reason – robotics and on a larger scale automation are a key avenue to recognizing the type of efficiencies organizations need to compete within today’s increasingly digital workplace.

And, fortunately, in its Tech Trends That Will Shape 2021 Report, ABI Research anticipates that COVID-19 will not significantly disrupt the robotics market.  According to Senior Analyst Rian Whitton, the robotics industry can anticipate a significant rebound in 2021 as the negative impact of COVID-19 will slowly dissipate. “As the crisis has unfolded, interest in robotics has skyrocketed, even as deployments have stalled due to installation challenges and companies withholding investments. There have been exceptions with the increased deployment of service robots and systems for certain applications, like ultra-violet disinfection for hospitals and airports,” writes Whitton.

Furthermore, ABI Research predicts the industrial and collaborative robot spaces will continue their strong trajectory in 2021...

Third parties will prove instrumental as robotics manufacturers look to scale, explains ABI’s Whitton. “Looking forward, other third parties like cloud service providers and computing vendors (such as AWS and NVIDIA) are building comprehensive robotics offerings for developers.

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Source: IndustryWeek