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Friday, January 08, 2021

With Remote Work Continuing in 2021, RedThread Research Announces New Study on the Workplace Learning Tech Landscape | Releases - PR Web

Insightful research and additional 2021 HR predictions available through new membership platform, as PR Web writes.

Photo: Christina Morillo from Pexels

RedThread Research today announced the availability of its latest research report focusing on the rapidly changing workplace learning technology landscape, its growth over the past two years, and the impact of COVID-19 on many corporate learning and development (L&D) initiatives. The study, available in its entirety to RedThread Research members, details a different, more holistic approach to learning - involving more functionality and more vendors than ever before.

“In 2020, many organizations that had been planning a learning tech rollout over months or years were surprised by COVID-19, but then took advantage of the remote work environment to get more users up and running than they’d originally anticipated for the year,” said Dani Johnson, co-founder and principal analyst at RedThread Research. “Remote work is likely here to stay, and organizations continue to build out their learning tech ecosystems to keep their employees developing and evolving.”

The research reflects a survey completed by many learning technology vendors and several learning leaders and addresses how the learning technology market has grown and changed since the research firm’s last study on the topic in 2018. Important findings include:

  • Growth is Strong: Overall, the market has grown, in terms of number of vendors, number of users, number of functionalities, and revenue. This trend began pre-COVID and grew exponentially during the pandemic.
  • Less C-Suite Resistance: Company leadership is more likely to allocate budget toward continued employee development than it was two years ago. The result, more people are using HR technology to learn, grow, and plan their careers at work.
  • Easier Ways to Learn: The number of functionalities and the relative ease of integration has changed the way leaders are approaching learning technology purchases.
  • Expanding L&D Trends: Coaching, enablement, mobility, analytics, and skills technologies have increased, mirroring many of the trends in employee development the organization has seen over the past two years within organizations.

“HR professionals are definitely seeing leadership teams more involved and supportive of workplace learning and development as a way to retain and upskill our employees,” Johnson said. “Remote work felt like a triage response in 2020, but it is now firmly in place as part of organizational culture, and we’re seeing companies continue to invest in learning and growth as a way to help employees remain engaged, even when they aren’t in the office together.”

To learn more about this research report and the other data and insights provided to RedThread Research members, visit

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Source: PR Web