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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Do Robots Make Good Teachers? | Trendintech

Here's another interesting article from Trendintech published by Ryan Young below.

Photo: Trendintech

If you are a teacher currently, then the above question may worry you a little. But, is it really possible for a robot to teach a classroom full of pupils just as well as a human if they’ve been trained to the same level?  

Probably not in all fairness – at least not yet anyway. However, most jobs today can be automated, and those that can’t are being looked into closely. It won’t be long before AI is integrated into every sector whether it’s banking, housing, healthcare, and education, but rather than focus on the possibility of losing out to AI, why not think about how it can actually help you.

Many educational courses can be completed online now in what’s known as a ‘virtual classroom’. Pupils can often study at their own pace and still have access to all the relevant resources and support they need.  But, drop-out levels in courses such as these are high and it appears that many students still prefer a real classroom over a virtual one, and this may be because people can capture the attention of an audience a lot easier than a robot can.

Source: Trendintech (press release