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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Robots at the Science Museum | Women's Engineering Society and Science Museum.

Women's Engineering Society inform, "Robots at the Science Museum" 

Left: Biped robot, designed by David Buckley and made by the Shadow Robotics Project Group, 1988 © Science Museum / Science & Society Picture Library
Right: Super Robot, 1960s, Horikawa, Japan © Science Museum / Science & Society Picture Library

Discover the remarkable 500- year story of humanoid robots.

Opening in February 2017, our next blockbuster exhibition will explore the 500-year story of humanoid robots and the artistic and scientific quest to understand what it means to be human.

For more information and to book tickets visit the website here.

"Find out what it means to be human… from robots." writes Science Museum.

By imagining and reconstructing our bodies and minds as robots, we discover what amazing machines we are. But as robots mirror our humanity, they also offer deep insights into how we have rationalised our technological ambitions, our sense of wonder at ourselves, and our position in a rapidly changing world.  

Come and see astounding automata, fabulous 1950s humanoids, a talking head and your new workmate, along with uncanny robot actors. Are we on track to a science-fiction future? Will the cutting-edge robots cut it for you?

Explore the past and look into the future… What are your fears and dreams for robots and humans in the 21st century?

Source: Women's Engineering Society and Science Museum.