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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Best of 2016 and Sometimes Well Before It | Bloomberg

Photo: Justin Fox
Justin Fox, Bloomberg View columnist argues "I’m always so impressed with people (other than full-time reviewers) who write year-end “best of” lists."

A great day for a storming.
Photo: Deagostini/getty images

By the time I get around to consuming the best books or music or movies or whatever of 2016, if I ever do, it will be 2025 or so.

Yes, this is lame. But it’s also efficient! Focusing on the new means you have to sort through lots of junk to find the best. Wait a few years, and most of that work is done for you.

So here are five decidedly non-junky pieces of media content -- a series of history books, a cookbook, a music recording, a TV series and a podcast -- that I got a lot out of in 2016. The TV series and the podcast were still producing episodes in 2016 (and will be for many years to come, I hope), but neither is what you could call new.

Source: Bloomberg