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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Free eBook: 7 Steps To Subscription Learning | eLearning Industry and Gameffective

Photo: Christopher Pappas
"Treating your employees as “subscribers” to a newsletter that contains engaging and compelling microlearning has a lot of value. Delivering learning to their desktops or mobile phones, repeating learning as necessary and assessing results can be very valuable" inform Christopher Pappas, Founder & CEO of The eLearning Industry’s Network.

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Gameffective writes in the eBook "You know you’re in trouble when employees consider classroom training as boring or not related to their “real work”. It gets worse when they can’t find the time for classroom training, since it is at odds with their busy schedules and work tasks." 

You’ll find yourself arguing with people that claim that work takes precedence over training, especially once their onboarding period is over.
Additionally, you know all about the the low rates of knowledge retention for newly learned information. Newly-acquired information gets forgotten quite quickly, per Hermann Ebbinghaus’ forgetting curve. Information is lost when there is no effort to retain it – and if your training gets labelled as “too long”, “boring” or as a mandatory requirement with no value, you know you’re hurtling down the forgetting curve.
Information that isn't repeated, accessed or used in real-life situations gets forgotten.

That's why reviewing information through engaging content can make or break information retention. The chart below shows that information is rapidly forgotten after it is first exposed to learners. The only way to battle that? reviewing it.

How can you demonstrate the value of learning in these circumstances?

How Will This eBook Help You?
  • It will explain the concept of subscription learning.
  • How it compares to in-class sessions.
  • Discuss the ideal “size” of microlearning.
  • Introduce the concept of the learning calendar and how it replaces in-class learning.
  • Discuss repetition and engagement.
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Source: eLearning Industry and Gameffective