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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

What’s on the horizon for 2017 | SDTimes

Here's another interesting article published by SD Times Editorial Board.

Photo: SD Times Editorial Board

John Schroeder, executive chairman and founder of MapR
AI is now back in mainstream discussions, and is the umbrella buzzword for machine intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, and cognitive computing. Why is AI a rejuvenated trend? The three V’s come to mind: Velocity, Variety and Volume. Platforms that can process the three V’s with modern and traditional processing models that scale horizontally providing 10x-20x cost efficiency over traditional platforms.

Google has documented how simple algorithms executed frequently against large datasets yield better results than other approaches using smaller sets. We’ll see the highest value from applying AI to high-volume repetitive tasks where consistency is more effective than gaining human intuitive oversight at the expense of human error and cost.

Eric Mizell, vice president of global solutions engineering at Kinetica
Real change is coming to real-time intelligence in 2017 with graphical processing units. GPUs are capable of delivering up to 100x better performance than even the most advanced in-memory databases that use CPUs alone. The reason is their massively parallel processing, with some GPUs containing over 4,000 cores, compared to the 16 to 32 cores typical in today’s most powerful CPUs. Amazon has already begun deploying GPUs, and Microsoft and Google have announced plans. These cloud service providers are all deploying GPUs for the same reason: to gain a competitive advantage.