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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Digital Collaboration in the Age of Online Training | Training Magazine Network

Check out this white paper below.

Improving Outcomes in the Age of Online Training
If there's one challenge every corporate trainer faces, it's this: Creating a collaborative online experience is hard. The benefits of in-person trainings don't always translate well into virtual environments.

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This white paper will help you gain a greater understanding of the complexities facing corporate trainers today and the steps you can take to achieve better outcomes online.

AirClass writes in the conclusion, "As the proclivity for online corporate learning grows, the need for on-demand, collaborative virtual environments will continue to increase. Trained, engaged employees are driving the growth of businesses today—and are increasingly relying on technology to improve job-related knowledge.
AirClass offers a unique new solution that solves many of the inherent limitations of web and video conferencing, opening doors to better corporate learning, longer-lasting business relationships and greater returns on training investments."

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Source: Training Magazine Network

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