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Friday, October 13, 2017

When we can learn anywhere, anytime | The Hindu - Education - Careers

Due to the digital revolution, we are having on-demand lifestyles. We should use technology similarly and create on-demand learning to hone our professional skills. 

Digital is the new order of the day, whether it is about ordering your morning coffee through a mobile app or turning in your day’s work on the cloud. Digital technologies have started to encompass every aspect of our professional and personal lives. Added to that, technology advancements such as Automation, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have brought in unimagined efficiencies at a fraction of the cost.

Businesses have no option other than to evolve with time and embrace these disruptive changes if they hope to survive. For individuals that run and support these businesses, the choice is not too different. It is no contest to know that upskilling and relearning have become imperative to stay relevant and employable. But will traditional methods of learning be sufficient enough to match the speed and agility of the changes that are staring at us in the face? As power users of digital technologies in our own personal lives, we are now used to an on-demand lifestyle where what we seek comes at the click of a button or a swipe of the screen.

There is no more scope to allow a specific time or day to learn in our hyper-busy lifestyles. In this scenario, the demand for upskilling and relearning, however critical they are, becomes painful and taxing. Just as digital has shifted the control of businesses to the hands of the users, there is a need to have far greater power and flexibility in the ways and avenues we learn from as well. In other words, what professionals need today is digital learning —the ability to learn anytime, anywhere, on-demand, personalised. The last two decades or so has positioned e-Learning as a revolution in modern learning. However, today, traditional e-Learning has rapidly evolved into ‘digital learning’ that leverages tools and delivery modes that are capable of addressing the needs and pressures of modern-day professionals. Digital learning offers far more promises to suit the personalised needs of every individual while serving the underlying objectives of learning on-demand.

It lets the individuals decide the time, the place, the path and the pace at which they will learn. Its personalised and curated delivery model guarantees a high level of engagement that is sure to fulfill its goal of imparting knowledge. Organisations that are looking to ride the digital wave and come out profitably must consider digital learning as one of their main strategies, along with other business imperatives, to modernise their operations. They need to embrace it in total, if they wish employees to upskill themselves successfully, indirectly upskilling the organisation itself. Digital learning must be viewed as a new possibility to foster the culture of learning that they have always promised their employees. 
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Source: The Hindu

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